Admissions Requirements

Applicants who meet the following requirements will be considered for admission in the Master of Library and Information Science program at the SJSU School of Information:

  • A bachelor's degree from any regionally accredited institution in any discipline with a GPA of at least 3.0 at the bachelor's degree institution or in the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units. Coursework completed after the bachelor's degree will be included in the calculation; therefore, if the post bachelor's degree coursework causes the GPA to fall below 3.0, it will be cause for denial. (GPA can be raised by taking classes at any regionally accredited institution. The classes must be used in a degree program at that institution. They cannot be professional or personal development classes.)
  • A general understanding of computers and technology. See Technology Literacy Requirements.
  • The school requires that all students have computer access from home. See Home Computing Requirements.
  • The school requires that all students have access to appropriate software.

Important: We expect that all applicants seeking admission understand and comply with the stated technology literacy and home computing environment requirements. However, to insure this, the school requires that all students demonstrate this critical technical competency in the first four weeks of their first semester by successfully completing INFO 203, the required one-unit introductory course that covers our online learning technology.

Note: Our requirements do not list a GMAT or GRE test, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, or a resume. Therefore, please do not include any of these in your application.

In addition to the same requirements mentioned above, applicants from countries in which the native language is not English must achieve a minimum English-language proficiency test score on one of the tests, as indicated on the Graduate Program Test Requirement webpage at GAPE. For further detailed information, please read Step 5 on the GAPE Steps to Admission website

Important Note for International Applicants: If you are taking the degree online from your own country – or any country outside the United States – there is no problem. You apply as a Special Session student and complete the program online from outside the United States.

However, due to the restrictions placed on online classes by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the MLIS program cannot enroll international students who are in the United States and want to take classes while in the United States. The MLIS and MARA degrees are both available only in an online format.

Students applying for admission to the SJSU iSchool do not need to take the GRE exam.