Required Grade Details

B Required in Core Classes

Effective for students entering Spring 2009 onwards, core classes — INFO 200, 202, 204 — have to be completed with a grade of B or higher. These three classes are the core from which the rest of the curriculum evolves. They focus on underlying philosophies. In addition INFO 200 is accepted by the University as the equivalent of its graduate writing exam.

Any student who is unable to make a B in each core class should think carefully as to whether this is the right program for them (some students will do better in a place based program) and whether this is the right degree for them.

If we see that you need to repeat a core class or classes you will be contacted by someone from our office via You will be required to repeat the class in the following semester. You will not be able to select the section — we will place you in a section. Note: You will be given one opportunity to repeat the class.

In addition you will not see yourself in the class on until the first day of the following semester. This is because the system does not allow you to take advantage of open registration (since you are repeating the class). You cannot be added until the first day of the semester.