There are two types of fee structures for MLIS students at the San José State University School of Information, Regular Session and Special Session.

For a comparison of the two fee structures, view this fee comparison chart.

Regular Session students live near the San José State University campus, and their tuition is established by the California State University (CSU) system. Students who live in zip codes 939xx-958xx are Regular Session students. Regular Session students pay a flat rate based on the number of units they enroll in each semester, rather than paying by unit. The California State University system sets this fee structure. Further details about Regular Session tuition can be found here.

Special Session students live anywhere in the world, except the San José, California catchment area. Per CSU system policies, California residents who don’t live in the San José catchment area (zip codes 939xx-958xx), students who live outside California, and international students are Special Session students. Special Session tuition is $474 per unit, with a total cost of $20,382 for the degree (43 units). Fees are subject to review and change.