Student Requirements

Students enrolled in the Post-Master's Certificate program at the San José State University (SJSU) School of Information must meet the following requirements in order to complete the program and earn their Post-Master's Certificate in Library and Information Science:

  • Complete all 16 units within three years
  • Maintain a 3.0 grade point average, which is an average grade of "B"
  • Demonstrate their mastery of the Post-Master’s Certificate's overarching program learning outcomes (effective for students beginning in Fall 2014) 

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in identifying, using, and evaluating current and emerging information and communication technologies
  • Use service concepts, principles, and techniques to connect individuals or groups with accurate, relevant, and appropriate information

Students entering from Fall 2014 onwards will demonstrate their mastery of the program learning outcomes by:

Selecting a communications technology tool of their choice (e.g. screencast, blog)

Using the selected communications technology tool to briefly illustrate how their course work helped them address the Post-Master’s Certificate program  learning outcomes,

Please note that any courses already completed toward a master's degree cannot be counted toward the Post-Master's Certificate program requirements. In addition, courses taken as part of our school's Post-Master's Certificate program cannot be used later to earn a Master's degree in Library and Information Science or Master's degree in Archives and Records Administration at the SJSU School of Information.

All certificate students must meet the Technology Literacy Requirements.