Research Profile: Dr. Joni Bodart

Dr. Joni Bodart
Associate Professor

Statement of Research Interests & Experience

My research interest is in the effects of book-talking on reading level, number of books read, and attitude toward reading. Also, I am interested in how digital technology impacts social and physical development in children and teens; the impact of digital technology on the preschool child's brain development and information seeking behavior; the culture and sociology of youth and how it is changing as a result of digital technology; and various aspects of youth literature, including the value of difficult and controversial fiction for teens.

Possible PhD Thesis Topic Areas

  • The Impact of In-Person Booktalks vs. Booktalks Delivered via Various Forms of Digital Technology
  • Information Seeking Behavior of Adolescents When Searching for Personal Information (not for educational goals or purposes)
  • Using Controversial Young Adult Novels in Developmental Bibliotherapy to Produce a Catharsis, Subsequent Insight, and Behavior Change
  • The Impact of Booktalking on an Incarcerated Adolescent Population

Ten Representative Publications

  • Bodart, J. R. (2006). "Books that help, Books that heal." Young Adult Library Services. Refereed.
  • Bodart, J. R. (2006, February). Love bites: Sexy vampire series. NoveList.
  • Bodart, J. R. (2002). Radical reads: 101 YA novels on the edge. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow.
  • Bodart, J. R. (2002). "The quartzsite trip: The week that changed all their Lives (and may change yours!)." In C. Zitlow (Ed.), Lost masterpieces of young adult literature. Lantham, MD: Scarecrow.
  • Bodart, J. R. (2002). "Time travel has its rewards, or five of the very best. JOYS remembered, shared thoughts from former JOYS editors." Journal of Youth Services in Libraries. Refereed.
  • Bodart, J. R. (2000). World's best thin books, or what to read when your book report is due tomorrow! Revised edition. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow.
  • Bodart, J. R. (1998). "The POW! project: Picturing our world! Teens create art and self-esteem at the Boston Public Library." Voice of Youth Advocates.
  • Bodart, J. R. (1996). "Norma Fox Mazer." In T. Hipple (Ed.), Writers for young adults. New York: Scribners, 1996.
  • Bodart, J. R. (1993). Booktalk! 5: More articles and booktalks from The Booktalker, 1990-1992. New York: H. W. Wilson.
  • Bodart, J. R. (1985). "Booktalks do work! The effects of booktalking on attitude and circulation." Illinois Libraries. Refereed.
  • Bodart, J. R. (1985). Booktalk! 2: Booktalking presentations for all ages and audiences. New York: H. W. Wilson.

Professional Memberships & Related Matters

I am a member of the American Library Association, Association of Library Service to Children, American Association of School Librarians, Young Adult Library Services Association, California Library Association, Assembly on Literature for Adolescents (ALAN), and the National Council of Teachers of English.