How to Apply to the San Jose Gateway PhD Program

Prospective San José Gateway PhD program students are encouraged to begin the application process several months prior to the application deadlines. (The next application deadline for endorsement by an SJSU faculty member is early January, 2018).

As you gear up to submit your application for admission in the San José Gateway PhD program, here’s an overview of the application process and what you can expect over the next few months.

Application Overview

  1. Identification of research interests and program exploration (concurrent)
  2. Completion of San José Gateway PhD Information Request Form (Because applicants must submit a full set of academic transcripts, as well as a brief research proposal, it is highly recommended that potential applicants reach the Information Request stage by the end of October.)
  3. Informal discussion and consultation with potential San José supervisors and other program resources (November, 2017).
  4. Development of brief research proposal (as part of the process of identifying a San José supervisor).
  5. Endorsement of applicant by San José State University faculty and invitation by San José Gateway PhD program coordinator to submit QUT application (in February, 2018)
  6. Arrangements made for academic transcripts procurement.
  7. Formal submission of completed paperwork to QUT, including research proposal as discussed with San José supervisor (by March 10, 2018)
  8. Notification of acceptance: approximately twelve weeks after all paperwork has been received by QUT.
  9. First semester tuition fees (50% of annual tuition) due just before program commencement in August – dates vary; accepted students are notified of specific deadlines via email

Please see San José Gateway PhD Application Process for detailed instructions on how to apply including link to formal application form.