Program Overview


Doctoral students can move through the San José Gateway PhD program on a part-time basis. The expected duration for completing the part-time PhD program is six years, including 24 months of provisional registration. However, the doctoral program is flexible and can be completed in a minimum of 48 months and a maximum of 96 months, including 24 months of provisional registration. Assessment for the doctoral award is based on a program of supervised research and investigation, culminating in a dissertation.


There is one required in-person residency per year – one week at San José State University in San José, California, at the beginning of August. Students are also required to attend a virtual residency in late winter in addition to monthly virtual meetings. These are the known dates (subject to change):

  • 2018 July 30-August 3 (San José, California)


The Principal Supervisor will be a senior faculty member from QUT. The Associate Supervisor (and primary content supervisor) will be a faculty member from San José State University who has been accredited by QUT for doctoral supervision. Those San José State University faculty acting as QUT associate supervisors for the San José State University cohort are noted on this website under Faculty Specializations.

A second associate supervisor will be named by QUT. This second associate could be a faculty member from San José State University or QUT or elsewhere.

QUT senior faculty and faculty from major research institutions (e.g., Arizona, Syracuse, Toronto, UNC-Chapel Hill, UT–Austin) worked closely with San José State University faculty to develop a model that ensures quality control and appropriate mentoring in the early years of doctoral supervision in this unique international collaboration.

Program Timeline

Refer to the Program Timeline page.

You get to dive into research right away and learn from your fellow PhD students. – San José Gateway PhD graduate