Activate/Deactivate Survey


phpQuestionnaire allows you to manually activate and deactivate surveys.

Setting your survey to Active makes it available for users to complete. Users will be able to access your survey through a generated link.

If you wish to stop a user from taking the survey, or if the survey is currently in development, you should set the status to Not Active in order to prevent users from completing it. The survey, however, may still be previewed and accessed at any time.

By default, all newly created surveys are set to Not Active:

To change it’s active status, go to the Survey Editor.

Under the Choose a Survey portion of the interface, make sure you select your survey from the Select Survey drop down menu.

If your survey is currently set at Not Active click the Activate button to make it active:

From there, your survey will become Active and link will be provided for users to take your survey:

To deactivate your survey, go back into the Survey Editor, select your survey from the Select Survey drop down menu, and click the Deactivate button: