Cross-Campus Interdisciplinary Responsible Computing Learning Experience (CIRCLE)



Nada Attar
Souvick Ghosh
Darra Hofman
Michele Villagran


The Cross-Campus Interdisciplinary Responsible Computing Learning Experience (CIRCLE) Project is meant to bring students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines and backgrounds at San Jose State University – Silicon Valley’s public university, and one of the most diverse universities in the United States – into meaningful conversations about and engagement with digital technologies and their broader social impacts.


On Thursday, February 29, 2024, the CIRCLE team is delighted to welcome Dr. Alex Hanna, who will present “Shifting the Frame: The Labors of ImageNet and AI Data.”

Join us on Thu 02/29th at 11:00 am – 1:00 pm:

  • In-person at King Library Public Meeting Rooms 2nd Floor Room 255. A limited supply of food will be provided by El Halal Amigos! Please use this registration link.
  • On Zoom with this webinar registration link

Dr. Alex Hanna, Director of Research at DAIR, combines her background in Computer Science and Sociology to explore the social impact of data in computational technologies. Dr. Hanna’s work is featured in top social science journals and computer science conferences. As a Senior Fellow at the Center for Applied Transgender Studies, she actively contributes to the intersection of technology and social issues. Recipient of the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s Forward Award, Dr. Hanna is acknowledged in FastCompany’s Queer 50 and Go Magazine’s Women We Love. She co-hosts the Mystery AI Hype Theater 3000 series, dissecting AI hype on Twitch and their podcast with Emily M. Bender. 


  • Use real data collected by the diversity office at SJSU. We will process the data and transfer it into CIRCLE’s modules where students can use it in different courses. Students can use this dataset to analyze, apply data visualization, or classify it using algorithms. They will learn the impact of bias technology or evaluation methods on the dataset.
  • The CIRCLE Cafes will increase students and faculty exposures to topics on policies, building better technologies, etc.
  • Responsible computing libguide.
  • We will provide evaluation pre and post each phase of CIRCLE project. Assessments will also be used to measure the learning outcomes for students and the impact of the projects.
  • Narrative – Free response after.
  • Digital humanities – could share a story.
  • For all the courses that we will create or revise, we will implement assessments that integrate CIRCLE goals, especially when designing and creating assignments and hands-on exercises.
  • Publications on the same venue can be also used to evaluate the impact of the project.