Student Wellness Support


Student Wellness Online Resources

SJSU Counseling and Psychological Services, a Division of Student Affairs, offers free online workshops and support groups that are available to all iSchool students. These resources are designed to provide students with a safe space for dialogue and reflection, as well as an opportunity to learn life skills and positive ways to improve academic and personal success.

Crisis counseling is also available. Students experiencing a life event that interferes with their academic progress should stay in close communication with their instructor(s) and contact iSchool Student Services for advising, information on how to drop, or to file a withdrawal petition. Please be advised there are university deadlines and documentation involved for withdrawals.

CAPS Life Skills Online Workshops

The Life Skills Workshops are a wonderful opportunity for students to meet online with their peers, learn new skills and strategies, and grow both emotionally and educationally. CAPS workshops cover a variety of themes and topics, such as:

  • Strategies for motivation
  • Setting a habit
  • Creating a planner
  • Self-care
  • Resilience
  • Courage
  • Journaling

Please visit the CAPS website for a list of current workshops and session details.

CAPS Online Groups

Sometimes it helps to talk to others. There are a variety of support and interest groups offered through CAPS for students to interact and connect with each other. Groups are often the most effective way to gain support and encouragement from others, learn how you are perceived by others, gain specific skills to improve your life, and develop relationship skills. Available groups can change and have included:

  • Recognition, Insight, Openness (RIO)
  • International Circle
  • LGBTQ Plus Discussion Group (PRIDE Center)
  • MEN: Meaningful Explorations and Networking
  • Women’s Group
  • CALM (Calming Anxiety and Living Mindfully)
  • Mindful Habits
  • Mindfulness Meditation Workshop Series
  • Healthy Relationships

Please visit the CAPS website for a list of current groups and how to participate.

Therapist Assisted Online Self-Help Resource: Your Path to Balance

TAO provides therapy for anxiety and depression. The interactive web-based program helps students bounce back from frustrations and disappointments in life and also aims to increase positive and adaptive behavior. TAO is based on well- researched and highly effective strategies for helping anxiety. 

Wellness and Health Promotion Online Resources

SJSU Smoking Cessation Resources
NIH Exercise and Physical Activity Tracking Tools
CDC Physical Activity: Strategies and Resources
SJSU Ergonomics for the Computer Workstation (pdf)
SJSU Computer Workstation Design Guidelines
US Department of Labor – Computer Workstation eTool Evaluation​
SJSU Desk Stretches (pdf)

Crisis and Personal Counseling for iSchool Students

Regular Session students have full access to SJSU Counseling  and Psychological Services for personal and/or crisis counseling. Special Session students are recommended to contact their county’s Behavioral Health Services unit for a referral to a local counseling agency in their community, or their county’s suicide and crisis hotline. National crisis lines include:

National Graduate Students Crisis Line
National Suicide Prevention Life Line
Veterans Crisis Line

SJSU Cares Serves Regular Session Students with Basic Needs

SJSU Regular Session students have access to emergency food and shelter services, financial assistance, as well as longer-term support for housing assistance, ongoing CalFresh food assistance and access to healthcare. Students can get assistance through SJSU Cares whenever they need it.