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Open Classes 10th Anniversary

The Open Classes program at San José State University School of Information offers continuing education and professional development opportunities for future and current information professionals. The program is open to everyone with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Individuals can enroll in master’s-level courses on a space-available basis and earn college credit.

View Admissions Requirements for the Open Classes program. Requests for Fall 2024 Open Classes will be taken via our Open Classes webform, which will open on July 8th, at 8 a.m. Pacific and will close on Aug 1, 2024 at 5 p.m. Pacific. iSchool classes are not available through the main SJSU Open University registration process. 

About MLIS Elective Prerequisites:

MLIS Core course prerequisites are waived while you are enrolled in Open Classes electives as a non-matriculating student.

We only offer MLIS electives in iSchool Open Classes, as seats in MLIS core courses are reserved for our matriculating students. Admitted students who are waiting to start their program in the next term will not be able to register for core courses through iSchool Open Classes. 

If you apply for future admission and are then admitted to a future term, you will start your MLIS program with the MLIS core courses in the first semester as a matriculating student, and move on to electives.

Wide Range of Courses

Most of the 60+ electives offered in the SJSU School of Information’s ALA-accredited Master of Library and Information Science program and Master of Archives and Records Administration program are available through the Open Classes program.

Courses cover a wide range of topics, including XML, AI and Data Ethics, Intercultural Communication, Grant Writing, Project Management, Digital Forensics for Archivists, Linked Data, Early Childhood Literacy and more. In addition, we offer courses that will help you improve your leadership skills.

Courses are offered during fall, spring, and summer sessions (subject to space availability). The courses offered each session vary, providing you with new opportunities to explore.

Convenient 100% Online Learning

All courses in the Open Classes program are delivered exclusively online. Reap the benefits of our award-winning online delivery model:

  • Fit course work around your schedule. Most course content is delivered asynchronously, allowing you to complete assignments and interact with your instructor and classmates at your convenience.
  • Participate in a collaborative learning community, where you will exchange ideas and perspectives with students and faculty in the exclusively online MLIS, MARA, and certificate programs.
  • Live anywhere while taking a master’s-level course at San José State University.
  • Complete a self-paced, online tutorial to prepare for success in our school’s interactive online learning environment.

Are You Interested in Expanding Your Professional Opportunities?

In the rapidly evolving information profession, it can be challenging to stay up to date with the knowledge you need for today’s jobs and tomorrow’s career opportunities. Whether or not you hold a master’s degree, you can update your knowledge and skills by enrolling in one or more of the courses available through the Open Classes program.

Are You A Prospective Graduate Student?

With the Open Classes program, prospective students who want to earn a master’s degree can try out the our master’s degree programs’ courses before applying for admission to a graduate program. If you choose to apply for admission to the MLIS or MARA degree program, after admission, you can transfer up to 9 units from the Open Classes program toward your master’s degree. Prospective Teacher Librarian program students may also transfer up to 9 units from Open Classes, and should request classes from this list of required courses.

Are You A Newly Admitted MLIS, MARA or Teacher Librarian Program Student?

Students who are already admitted to one of our school’s graduate programs can get a head start on their course work. You can take an elective before officially starting your master’s program, and then choose to use the Open Classes elective toward your degree. Teacher Librarian admitted students should carefully chose classes from this list of required courses.

Are You an Alumnus or Alumna?

Some recent graduates of our master’s programs said they wished they could have taken additional classes before earning their degrees. Now they can! The Open Classes program is a great way for our alumni and other post-master’s professionals to update their skills and knowledge.

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5 Benefits of Our School’s Fully Online Delivery Model

1. Course work and instruction are designed for online learning. Our instructors are experts in online teaching and only teach online courses.

2. Technology is at the forefront of everything we do, with dedicated resources to support adoption of new technologies that advance our online learning environment.