Library Advocacy


Committed to Library Advocacy

SJSU iSchool has a multi-pronged approach to Library Advocacy, which includes student groups, classes, internships, and conferences presentation opportunities. Please visit the SJSU Library Advocacy Student Group’s website to learn more about the group’s mission and how you can get involved. 

Library Advocacy includes more than just promoting the use of libraries. Recent projects have included a School Library Symposium, supporting legislative change in California and nationwide, a podcast, working on a Virtual Reality Library, and a Fill the Box Campaign supporting literacy and book access for Native American children.

SJSU iSchool also has a unique opportunity for students to work hand-in-hand with the iSchool’s Director Anthony Chow, working on real-life advocacy projects that go beyond the classroom. Students also work with other “Movers and Shakers” in the Library Advocacy realm, as well as legislatures, politicians, parents, students, and more in support of literacy, libraries, and access of knowledge for all.