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Library Advocacy Explained

Library advocacy is the process of influencing library users, stakeholders, and policymakers to support libraries at the local, regional, state, and national levels. This can be done through doing outreach, facilitating meetings with leaders and managers, and spreading awareness about these causes. Read more about the benefits of library advocacy.

What Happens Without It?

Without library advocacy, libraries would be sorely lacking support for marginalized communities. Library advocacy is crucial for the continued support, funding, and relevance of libraries in communities. Read more about the consequences of a lack of advocacy for libraries.

SJSU iSchool has a multi-pronged approach to Library Advocacy, which includes student groups, classes, internships, and conference presentation opportunities.

Working with iSchool Director Dr. Chow provides a unique opportunity for students to work on real-life advocacy projects that go beyond the classroom. Students work with other “Movers and Shakers” in the Library Advocacy realm, as well as legislatures, politicians, parents, students, and more in support of literacy, libraries, and knowledge access for all.  

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