What is iLibrary?

The iSchool’s iLibrary is an innovative space that hosts links and resources about the iSchool’s various collaborations. See what’s on the director’s iDesk, replay our virtual symposia featuring the latest trends in information practices, and explore digital landscapes with us in our virtual reality rooms. See how the iSchool moves forwards and breaks barriers.


Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

SJSU iSchool EDI Symposia

A global, 100% online program, the iSchool proudly provides top-tier LIS education to a diverse student body. We observe the unique cultures of our students and faculty members during the appropriate months, and more importantly, we acknowledge and celebrate our differences all year round, recognizing that our differences strengthen our community’s bonds.


Health and Wellness

Loida Garcia-Febo

The SJSU iSchool is proud to welcome Loida Garcia-Febo as our first ever Health and Wellness Ambassador.

As the SJSU iSchool Health and Wellness Ambassador, Loida will write a monthly blog on health and wellness in libraries, advise the iSchool on related curriculum, answer questions from students and alumni, and host an annual health and wellness in libraries symposium.


iDesk of Dr Chow

Dr. Anthony Chow

Welcome to the Virtual Desk space of San José State University School of Information Director Dr. Anthony Chow. Part of Dr. Chow’s job is to represent the iSchool across the globe, talk to information and LIS leaders and professionals, and to bring back current and future trends so that the iSchool remains one of the global leaders in information and library and information science.

Track his travels around the world and view current projects, experiences, and
conversations he is having at local, state, national, and international levels.


Library Technology Integration (LTI) Lab

Library Technology Integration Lab

Welcome to the Library Technology Integration (LTI) Lab

Our vision is to provide leadership in bringing technology and digital literacy resources into libraries to create equitable access for current and future generations.

Founded by SJSU iSchool Director Anthony Chow, the LTI Lab’s purpose is to:


Virtual Reality
Why Browser-Based Virtual Reality?

The SJSU School of Information is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley, and it is important that our students are exposed to various emerging technologies impacting the library and information science field. According to the American Library Association, virtual reality is an important current and future trend. One of the emerging technologies the iSchool is actively exploring is browser-based virtual environments