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Why do I get an error when I log in?

An error occurs when a user is using an incorrectly bookmarked link to log into Canvas. Please type in the URL for Canvas directly,, into the browser of your choice. Canvas users can bookmark it, but only AFTER logging into Canvas, not when on the SSO login page. It is also a good idea to clear your cache:’s-Cache

I know my password, but it stopped working!

Passwords expire every 180 days. If 180 days pass before you change your password, that password will expire and you will need to create a new password, as follows:

Go to one.SJSU Account Management. Enter your 9-digit ID, and then follow the instructions to create a new password.

I need technical support. Please help!

For technical help, please submit this form on the computer and browser you are using:

I forgot my password. 

Are there any tutorials available?

Instructor Tutorials

Student Tutorials for common Canvas course tasks.

e-Portolio Tutorials for students.

Video Tutorials also available.

Access e-Portfolio tutorials for assistance using Canvas to build the e-Portfolio.

Also available: Canvas ePortfolio INFO 289, a document containing step-by-step directions for building the recommended iSchool Canvas INFO 289 e-Portfolio. This includes organization and adding sections & pages, developing your e-Portfolio content, and setting Permissions to generate a URL you can share with your e-Portfolio advisor to provide access to your work.


SJSU iSchool Canvas Instructor Tutorials

Welcome to the tutorials page for learning how to use the Canvas learning environment.

About the Tutorials

This area contains a curated list of tutorials taking you through the various parts of a course site in the Canvas learning environment.