Intelligent Conversational Agents and Neural Networks Lab

The Intelligent Conversational Agents and Neural Networks Lab is directed by Dr. Souvick Ghosh and is situated in the School of Information at the San José State University. The ICANN (pronounced: I can) Lab operates 100% online and includes students and collaborators from both graduate and undergraduate levels.

The research at the lab looks at multiple problems in the areas of information and data sciences from a socio-technical viewpoint. We support research, education, and professional activities related, which lies at the intersection of information retrieval, human-computer interaction, and deep neural networks. Our research questions and methodologies are shaped by our long-term vision to:

  • design and develop user-centered models and theories for conversational search systems;
  • catalyze research and innovation for social good using data-driven methodologies;
  • promote fair, transparent and explainable machine learning models for prediction tasks.

Current topics of interest include natural language understanding for conversational search systems, explainable AI, and data analytics with social media. We will be happy to mentor students interested in learning and applying machine learning for social good. Contact us if you want to get involved with any of the projects.