Library Technology Integration (LTI) Lab


Library Technology Integration (LTI) Lab

Library Technology Integration Lab

Welcome to the Library Technology Integration (LTI) Lab

Our vision is to provide leadership in bringing technology and digital literacy resources into libraries to create equitable access for current and future generations.

Founded by SJSU iSchool Director Anthony Chow, the LTI Lab’s purpose is to:

  1. Conduct research and development in current and emerging technologies
  2. Serve as a hands-on lab for faculty, librarians, and students
  3. Explore the viability of these technologies in library services and programming
  4. Serve as a place for librarians and libraries to share with one another
  5. Provide curriculum and step-by-step instruction on how to use and set up programs using these technologies
  6. Provide direct programming for librarians and libraries
  7. Leverage the use of technology to maintain and increase the profile and relevancy of libraries
  8. Support digital literacy and equity of access to all

Mission Statement

The Library Technology Integration (LTI) lab at San Jose State University’s School of Information is dedicated to the use of innovative technology in libraries to create lifelong digital learners. We use technology to foster creativity, innovation, leadership, and engagement in library patrons and staff. We believe that providing access to technology allows people and libraries to adapt to society’s changing needs. Our goal is to support libraries and librarians in their mission to bridge the digital divide and increase engagement with their communities.

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