Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics


Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics

The Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics degree program at the San José State University School of Information prepares undergraduate students to work with data, technology and people.

“We want our students to learn how to analyze the data, but through a social lens, for the benefit of the society at large. Our students will get the opportunity to influence lives and solve social issues.” — Dr. Souvick Ghosh

Students majoring in Information Science and Data Analytics attain skills that are applicable to a variety of careers involving analytics, visualization, big data, digital curation, digital assets management, knowledge management, information architecture, documents and records management, health care, education, and emerging technologies—all geared toward the information needs of users. For example, they learn how to organize data and interpret the significance of data with a focus on what a person can do with an app rather than what an app does.  

Working with data, technology and people, graduates with a BS in Information Science and Data Analytics will perform the following job duties and responsibilities:


  • Handle structured data (data that is clearly defined and easily searchable) and unstructured data (data that is not easily searchable such as email, audio, video, and social media postings);
  • Analyze and visualize data;
  • Work with software tools used in a real-world setting;
  • Understand the general concepts behind how networks and computers process, store, and secure information.


  • Understand distributed computing and the data pipeline ecosystem;
  • Track emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, voice-based assistants) and the ethics of their use and development.


  • Understand how people from diverse audiences interact with, use, and relate to information and data to make data-driven decisions and solve problems;
  • Present information and data in an engaging and useful way to help users from diverse backgrounds and cultures tell stories and solve problems;
  • Ensure that the system holding the data complies with policies and ethical and legal considerations of society and the user.

The School of Information will be admitting transfer students for the degree completion program starting in fall 2021 and will admit transfers, as well as freshman, for fall 2022.

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