Technology Support


Technology Support

Our school’s online learning environment includes a wide array of emerging technology, enabling SJSU iSchool students and faculty to interact and collaborate, regardless of their geographic location. We invite you to browse this section of our website, which provides information regarding the technology we currently use in our programs.

In addition, the technical support team at the SJSU School of Information assists students and faculty who may need help, or who want to increase their knowledge regarding technology use. Support includes online tutorials and one-on-one consultation. All new students are required to complete a one-unit course that introduces them to the technology used in iSchool courses. 

Alfredo Alcantar, LMS Services Coordinator

Our aim is to integrate emerging technology into our teaching and learning environment, enriching the learning experience for SJSU iSchool students and preparing them for success in a profession that increasingly demands competent use of technology to improve information services.


SJSU iSchool Canvas

Click the image above to login to iSchool Canvas.


Why do I get an error when I log in?

An error occurs when a user is using an incorrectly bookmarked link to log into Canvas. Please type in the URL for Canvas directly,, into the browser of your choice. Canvas users can bookmark it, but only AFTER logging into Canvas, not when on the SSO login page. It is also a good idea to clear your cache:’s-Cache

I know my password, but it stopped working!

Passwords expire every 180 days. If 180 days pass before you change your password, that password will expire and you will need to create a new password, as follows:

Go to one.SJSU Account Management. Enter your 9-digit ID, and then follow the instructions to create a new password.

How do iSchool guests and WISE-affiliated students access Canvas?

If you are an iSchool guest or WISE-affiliated student, visit the Canvas login page.

I need technical support. Please help!

For technical help, please submit this form on the computer and browser you are using:



Caspio Tutorials

The Caspio database management software is used in the INFO 202 Information Retrieval System Design course, effective Summer 2022. Support materials and tutorials are available on the INFO 202 course resources blog:



San Jose State University uses Zoom for web conferencing. Zoom includes an instant message tool which expands communication options for students and faculty members.

Each iSchool student and faculty member has their own Pro Zoom account. Pro account users can host unlimited meetings. Meeting participants do not have to be affiliated with SJSU nor do they have to have Zoom accounts to join a meeting. Zoom can host meetings with up to 300 participants.


WebData Pro Tutorials

WebDataPro Discontinued in iSchool Courses

WebDataPro has been discontinued as a software tool in iSchool courses, effective June 2022. The tutorials are being maintained here for benefit of INFO 289 e-Portfolio students who may wish to use materials created using WebDataPro as evidence.


Home Computing Environment

Please note that the School requires that prior to enrolling and starting the INFO 203 course  all incoming students have computer access in their homes with the following minimum hardware, as well as home internet access:


iSchool Alert and Email Lists

The iSchoolAlert notification system is used to distribute information to the iSchool student community.

All active students are automatically added to iSchoolAlert and will periodically receive important administrative information via iSchoolAlert. All members of the iSchool student community are required to remain on iSchoolAlert.