Add Page Breaks


You may not want to have all of your survey questions on one page.

Inserting a page break will move all questions listed after this page break onto a separate page. In this way, you can create a multiple-page survey for your users so that they only see a limited number of questions per page.

Access Edit Questions Interface

In the Survey Editor, select your survey in the Select Survey drop down menu under the Choose a Survey portion of the interface. Then, click the Edit Questions button:

You will then receive the Edit Questions interface.

To insert a page break, click the Add Page Break button beneath the List of Questions:

This will add a page break at the end of the current list:

You may move the page break’s position in the question list by highlighting the <<—-| Page Break |—->> in the List of Questions and using the the arrow buttons to the right of the question list to change its position:

Repeat this process until you have added a sufficient number of page breaks for your questions.

Click the Save Order button

After adding a page break, you must click the Save Order button beneath the List of Questions to make the changes permanent.

Your questions will then display on separate Web pages to the survey user: