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Kim Dority has worked as an information professional in academia, publishing, telecommunications,
and librarianship, in for-profit and nonprofit settings, for both established companies and startups.
She has led the development of several innovative information projects, including the first online academic
library and the first website devoted to resources and community for people with disabilities.
In addition to her work with Dority & Associates, Kim created and has taught for the past 11 years a highly popular
course on alternative LIS career paths for the University of Denver. She has spoken on a wide range of LIS
career topics at national conferences, addressed LIS graduate-student groups on career development strategies,
and written numerous articles and books on LIS career topics. She writes the Infonista.com blog on LIS career
topics, and created and manages the LinkedIn "LIS Career Options" group. Kim received her MLS from the University of Denver.

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Founder and President of Dority & Associates