Allowing Access to Your Recordings


Note #1: Captioning is mandatory, however please only submit those recordings that you are planning on releasing to your students. Unusable/failed recordings should never be submitted for captioning, as the iSchool will incur charges for every recording that is submitted.

Note #2: Terminology. The term “sessions” as used in this tutorial refers to your Panopto recordings that have been uploaded to the iSchool Panopto server. The Panopto Web Portal uses the term “session” instead of “recording,” however the terms are interchangeable in this context. The terms “lecture” and “presentation” are also sometimes used to refer to a Panopto recording.

Distribute the URL to your students through the method of your choice. The most commonly used method is to add a link in your Canvas course(s).

NOTE: Please also be sure to refer your students to the minimum system requirements: