Anika Fajardo


Anika Fajardo

MLIS 2003
Community Specialist & Trainer
Minneapolis, MN USA

What I am doing now.

During my 11 years as a librarian in both public and academic libraries, I worked in reference and instruction and, in the past four years, transitioned to web services and online communications. These skills helped me get a job with Springshare, the company that creates LibGuides (a content management system specifically designed for libraries). I provide client support and online training which, ultimately, uses many of the same skill sets as providing reference and instruction.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

My information organization and retrieval course was invaluable to my work in web development and online content. I also gained a solid foundation of web development knowledge from my online resources (html) course. Even though those courses were over ten years ago, they still have been a springboard from which I have learned modern technologies. I also found “Interpersonal Skills for Librarians” a surprisingly useful course that has helped me understand working with people–both patrons and colleagues.

Contact Permission

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