Ashley Clay


Ashley Clay

MLIS 2016
Instructional Assistant
Coronado Unified School District
Coronado, CA USA

What I am doing now.

At an Elementary, I work one on one with a student in Special Education. Working on his IEP goals, handwriting, math, balance, using an inside voice and using his words to express his needs. Made progress and moved him from a severe to moderate classroom, into a mild to moderate classroom and spending more time in his general education classroom.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

I am currently not in the field I desire, but I am networking trying to get my foot into the door of the Archival Field. Upon entering my desired field, I would incorporate what I have learned at the iSchool, using technics I was unaware of, as well as using resources I discovered. 

In my current position as an Instructional Assistant, I was most surprised in the patience I have to watch the skills of my student grow. As a result, this has impacted him greatly, allowing him to progress that has his teachers impressed.

Contact Permission

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