Brooke M. Black


Brooke M. Black

MLIS 2005
Chief Cataloger, Manuscripts
Huntington Library
San Marino, CA USA

What I am doing now.

I am currently in charge of all cataloging and processing done in the Manuscripts Department at the Huntington Library. I check all finding aids and OCLC records and upload all records into our online catalog. I also make our finding aids available online on the Online Archive of California and the Huntington Digital Library.

I also train all new catalogers, volunteers, and interns in cataloging. I keep up on current archival standards, attend conferences and workshops, etc., and make sure my department and fellow catalogers are following correct protocols and guidelines.

I also get to catalog (when I have time). I catalog manuscripts, creating finding aids when necessary, and online records.

I also keep the new acquisition database and am currently trying to create a backlog list and create a strategy to deal with all of our un-cataloged material/items.

I also answer some incoming inquiries from outside scholars as well as talk to our on-site readers about our collections and their research.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

I think the skills that are the most valuable are the ones that I learned in my cataloging, archives, records management and government documents classes. I use my cataloging skills and archive skills almost every day here. One of the things that I learned at SJSU that I use a lot is the ability to find a variety of resources that may be helpful to my work, and all of the theory and basic archival knowledge I learned help me take a bigger view of my work and see how it fits into my institution and how my institution fits amongst all archival institutions.

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