Chanelle Pickens


Chanelle Pickens

MLIS 2014
Resident Librarian
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV USA

What I am doing now.

Under the direction of Dean of Libraries, Dr. Jon Cawthorne, WVU introduced its first Resident Librarian program in 2015 as part of the newly created Diversity Alliance (along with Virginia Tech, University of Iowa, and American University). One of three participants at WVU, I will spend three years learning the ins and outs of academic librarianship. The first year will consist of seven rotations throughout key departments within the libraries (including research & teaching, scholarly communications, and archives). The next two years will be dedicated to a specific focus. Currently, I am researching mindfulness techniques for use in the classroom. I am also working on branding and marketing initiatives for the libraries. 

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

It has always been my goal to use knowledge and skills from previous professional positions in librarianship. Project management and event planning skills gained during my time in broadcast media have served me well as I begin to participate in a variety of committee activities. Previous experience with marketing and communications are applicable as the libraries develop marketing campaigns. Oddly enough, I spent very little time with IL and instructional design while at SJSU…yet this is exactly my focus at WVU! However, research skills gained during the MLIS program at SJSU continue to help me as I develop curricula for IL instruction. Several faculty members at SJSU constantly encouraged me to look beyond the walls of the library to identify disciplines and professions with complementary objectives. This has proved valuable as I work towards my professional goals.

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