Christy Nini


Christy Nini

MLIS 2011
Assistant Director
Germantown Community Llibrary
Germantown, TN USA

What I am doing now.

As Assistant Director within public library leadership, I assist in implementing the library’s policies, procedures, budget allocation, data reporting, short-term and long-range goals and patron services. While also overseeing local library leadership consisting of 3 major service department heads and 2 library support staff, I provide a major contribution to technology, marketing, collection development, reference services, youth services and social media management.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

LIBR 204 Information Organizations and Management: As a public librarian, this prepared me for the budgeting aspect of my job – how to integrate my library budget with the larger institutional budget, how to have conversations and negotiate, and best practices.

LIBR 285 Research Methods: As part of my work, I also provide monthly and annual reports at the local and national level. My coursework in Research Methods with Dr. Geoffrey Liu proved invaluable in understanding information gathering and reporting methods, and the class gave me a basic understanding of the terminology gathering research.

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