Crystal Schimpf


Crystal Schimpf

MLIS 2007
Founder, Principal Consultant
Kixal, LLC
Pleasant Hill, CA USA

What I am doing now.

I run my own small business as a library consultant. I specialize in training and instructional design services for libraries. I have provided training for Infopeople, the Washington State Library, the Colorado State Library, TechSoup for Libraries, the Urban Libraries Council, and the Public Library Association. 

I design custom training for library staff, offer advice to libraries designing their own training, and help larger organizations and professional associations deliver training to libraries on a national scale. I facilitate workshops and webinars, present at conferences, and design online learning tutorials. I have done a lot of work in digital inclusion, digital literacy, innovation, outcome measurement, and program design. I also have done a lot of work teaching soft skills like managing digital overload, and healthy work/life balance. 

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

One of my favorite classes at SJSU addressed providing services to diverse populations, which opened my eyes to the varying needs of communities across the nation. As a result of that class, I decided to go into public libraries with a focus on adult services, and found myself coordinating and teaching computer classes for older adults. I also found myself always looking at the “big picture” of library services to meet the needs of diverse populations, which led me to a position at a state library where I served as a consultant to libraries in rural, suburban, and urban communities with an incredibly diverse set of backgrounds and needs. It was through this consultant job that I eventually started my own business to continue to provide training and build capacity of libraries. 

Another course that had a strong influence on me was on instructional design. Many of the people in that course were focusing on school or academic libraries, but I had a strong interest in taking instructional design principals to public libraries. I gained a strong foundation of instructional design principles, as well as an continued interest in designing learning experiences that result in personal change and growth. 

The most valuable thing I learned while at SJSU, though, was that if you stay open to opportunity and possibility, then you will find an interesting and rewarding career path. That has certainly been the case for me. 

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