Elizabeth Goode


Elizabeth Goode

MLIS 2013
School Librarian
Presidio Hill School
San Francisco, CA USA

What I am doing now.

I am the head librarian at a PreK-8 independent, progressive school in San Francisco. My job duties include fixed schedule library classes for PreK-6, I plan and run library events for lower school and middle school and I collaborate with teachers on research projects and to help them discover new resources. 

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

I often have to collaborate on projects within departmental teams. We use multiple formats to collaborate such as Google Drive and Google chat as well as meeting in person. Online group projects within SLIS readied me for this experience and gave me the skills to work on shared projects. My school is also going through a possible expansion. The principles I learned in School Media Centers will help me form a new Learning Commons with flexible zones of engagement when building the new space. With the debate in the library field of ditching Dewey or not, I’m finding my classification skills being one of the most used skills I learned at SLIS. I’m replacing our Informational Text section with a new classification and attempting to make our small library more browsable and connected to the school’s curriculum.

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