Kelly Brannock


MLIS 1998 {Beta Phi Mu Member}
Continuing Education Consultant
State Library of North Carolina
Raleigh, NC USA

What I am doing now.

I am a consultant in the Library Development Section of the State Library of North Carolina. My principal responsibility is to meet the continuing education needs of library staff in North Carolina libraries by identifying training needs, developing an annual continuing education plan, providing training in multiple formats, and developing a statewide network of highly skilled Master Trainers.

I also serve as the liaison consultant to approximately 15 public library systems. In that role I help promote high quality services and equity in North Carolina public libraries. This consulting work is performed through site visits, participation in statewide leadership programs and initiatives, and ongoing communication with public library directors.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

I rely on my foundational courses at SLIS, such as library management, collection management, online searching, and website development since I advise others on a variety of (mostly public) library issues. Before coming to the State Library I also worked as the School Library Media Consultant at the NC Department of Public Instruction and was an elementary school librarian in North Carolina for 11 years. Surprisingly, my cataloging course was very helpful as a school librarian!  I took several excellent courses on children’s and young adult materials and benefited from an internship at the San Jose Public Library.  

Before I started encouraging others with their professional development, I was actively engaged in my own PD. Library school courses are an important start, but it’s essential to continue learning and to embrace opportunities for improving one’s professional practice.  Being part of a professional learning community has been my favorite and most valuable learning experience. Connecting with others helps me stay abreast of technology and trends, get feedback from peers, develop new contacts and opportunities, exchange ideas with thought leaders, and keep my spark for learning burning bright. I can’t overemphasize the importance of taking responsibility for your own professional development and making a personal commitment to continuous learning. Library school is only the beginning of your professional education!

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