Kelsey Smith


Kelsey Smith

MLIS 2013
Adjunct Librarian
College of the Sequoias
Hanford, CA USA

What I am doing now.

I work at a small satellite campus in Hanford, CA, which is part of the main College of the Sequoias campus in Visalia, CA. Currently, the library building is also a computer lab and bookstore and is run by part-time librarians. The small library has a huge impact on the students, however, and our resources are expanding. My daily duties include circulation activities, assisting students with computers/printers/copy machines, giving library literacy presentations, helping students access and understand the library’s databases, reference work, and working with colleagues to improve and expand the library’s resources.  Although it is a part-time job, it is a great way to get my foot in the door of librarianship and I love what I do! My favorite part of my job is being able to teach students how to be better researchers while using the library’s databases and getting lots of thank you’s! 

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

I believe I use a little bit of the information I learned in each of my SLIS courses in my work, and I still go back to my old notes (especially those for LIBR 210) to review reference techniques and resources. The online searching and knowledge of databases is a skill I most often use in my day-to-day work, but I also use skills learned from my interpersonal communication course, records management, and, of course, my cataloging course. I am very glad that I kept most, if not all, of my course work and notes. 

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