Lauren Goss


Lauren Goss

MLIS 2017
Accessioning and Processing Archivist
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR USA

What I am doing now.

The primary functions of my job focus on accessioning and processing records that comprise special collections and university archives. This requires a broad range of knowledge of different material formats such as paper, photographs, textiles and film. Additionally, I provide reference services to patrons in the reading room. Working with researchers provides valuable insight into how people are searching for and using our collections. Lastly, I participate in donor outreach, assist with processing plans for grant applications, streamline workflows, and consult on new collection management software.    

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

Being an archivist means wearing many hats. Besides the core classes, I found the elective courses to be most beneficial for preparing me for the variety of knowledge required to be successful in this field. Useful elective courses included: 
  • INFO 210 – Reference & Information Services [Reference in the Age of Google: Marketing, Outreach, Management & Evaluation]
  • INFO 246 – Information Technology & Tools [Fundamentals of Programming]
  • INFO 281 – Colloquia Contemporary Issues [Information Ethics]
  • INFO 282 – Seminar in Library Management [Grant Writing]
  • INFO 284 – Seminar in Archives & Record Management [Genealogy]

Working in the archives is a service-oriented career. I view this work as service to the patrons as well as my colleagues. Selecting a variety of courses prepared me to contribute to the archival profession.

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