Liana Juliano


Liana Juliano

MLIS 2004
Information Resources Manager
Paul Hastings LLP
Los Angeles, CA USA

What I am doing now.

I am the Information Resources Manager at a global law firm. Because of the title, many people assume that I am managing the technology in the firm, but actually I am in charge of the acquisitions and management of print and electronic resources across the Firm’s US libraries, as well as managing the use of web technologies for legal and business research. If this sounds like a big job, it is! It requires a tremendous amount of flexibility and adaptability, but I am constantly being challenged in new and interesting ways which I love!

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

Learning how to create and maintain websites was the most useful skill I learned at SLIS hands down. I started at SLIS having fairly limited exposure to technology, and came out with a strong understanding of how to use technology effectively. These skills have proved invaluable in more than one position I have held and in fact, were the reason I was recruited to my current workplace. At the law firm I have used skills I gained at SLIS, such as project management, information architecture, leadership, team building, etc. I started out as the Technical Services Librarian and worked my way up to the Information Manager!

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