Tess McCarthy


Tess McCarthy

MLIS 2012
Digital Archivist in Document Control
San Francisco, CA USA

What I am doing now.

I had to sell the PMSS team that a digital archivist/DAM archivist could do their document control at SFO: it’s simply organizing more information that’s live and has a robust cycle.

I get to organize not only photos, but architectural drawings (mechanical, electrical and then some as well), financials, plans, change orders, certificates, building inspection notices–a wide variety of documents that come from various teams that rely upon being searchable for reference, for meetings, for proposals and for the day to day operations of designing and re-vamping an airport.

What are the most valuable skills I use in my job?

Metadata has been key in getting myself and others excited about finding their content in the cloud. Last week I applied a simple tag formula to a monthly report of documents that needed to be sorted by their originator. I demonstrated it in today’s meeting and they could see how applying a tag filter (in Box of all places) could make their searches easily. 

Online searching, cataloging, and archives classes have prepared me for doing information management work. I went from becoming an archivist to a digital asset manager and now a digital archivist.

You can know more about me from my webpage I rarely update: https://mccarthyarchive.wordpress.com

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