10 Ways to Boost Your Linkedin Profile

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Published: July 9, 2018 by Evelyn Hudson

If you’re like most job-seekers, you have a LinkedIn profile. Maybe it’s pretty generic. Employers do use LinkedIn to learn more about job candidates, so it is important that your profile is looking great. Here are 10 quick ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

  1. Update your picture. Choose a photo that is recent and has a professional look. You don’t want to be dressed too casually in the photo or choose something that is low quality. Be dressed in your photo for the job you want.
  2. Add descriptions of your past work. Don’t just list your title. Add some bullet points showing what you actually did there. This not only gives a great overview of your resume but also makes you come off as more accomplished.
  3. Use action words. Going off of number two—don’t just say “Worked at reference desk.” Be more descriptive in saying things like, “Answered patron inquiries” and “Assessed patron needs through reference interviews.” This brings your experience to life and shows employers your true skills.
  4. List your skills. Take advantage of the section that enables you to list your professional skills, such as collection development or data management. When you add your skills, your connections will be able to endorse you for them.
  5. Round out your accomplishments section. In this section, you can list publications, courses, projects, test scores and awards, among other things. If any of these apply to you, this is the place to brag about yourself! Showcase your favorites so potential employers can see how accomplished you are.
  6. Share updates regularly. Share professional articles with your network. This will demonstrate not only that your profile is active, but also that you know what is going on in your profession.
  7. Comment on other’s updates. If you see that someone has posted a good article, let them know! This is a great way to interact professionally and possibly make new connections.
  8. Follow potential employers. Most organizations have a LinkedIn page where they post updates and jobs. Make sure to follow them so you are up to date in case your dream job appears.
  9. Create a memorable headline. Instead of “Student” say “Student with Expertise in Youth Services” to catch an employer’s eye right away. This is a great place to showcase your specialty or particular talent in your field.
  10. Review your profile for out-of-date information. Nothing is worse than looking sloppy to a potential employer! Make sure your profile doesn’t have any old information in it, such as that you are still a student if you’ve already graduated. Show the right information the first time.

What are your tips for standing out on LinkedIn? Share in the comments!

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