The Art of Tailoring Your Resume

Career Blog Jill-Klees

As the end of the semester approaches, I am receiving many requests for resume critiques. The one consistent theme that I find is the need for students to tailor the resume to demonstrate the skills, abilities, and qualifications needed to do the job listed in their objective statement. Even if you are not absolutely sure what your objective is at this point, list something to give you and your resume a focus. For example, Seeking a position in archives.
The art of tailoring your resume comes from carefully reviewing the job description of the position you are seeking. I recommend going through the job description with a highlighter pen and literally identifying the key words, industry verbiage, and specific requirements the employer is seeking. Use this as your guide to tailor the content of your resume to match the qualifications. The employer is telling you exactly what they are looking for in qualified candidates.
Avoid making assumptions that the employer will “figure out” what you have done or that they will “read between the lines” of your general statement. You need to be specific and describe what you did and what you can do as it relates to the position you have listed in the objective statement. In other words, tailor your resume.
I’d like to know what questions or comments you have about the art of tailoring your resume.


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