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Published: March 24, 2017 by Kate M. Spaulding

In preparation for conference season, a roundup of great advice on why to go, what to pack, and how to survive and thrive.

It’s almost April, which means it’s also almost conference season. Coincidentally, it’s also Spring Break! Yay! I’m taking this opportunity to present to you some non-required (but highly recommended, if I do say so myself) Spring Break Reading (à la Winter Break Reading) about conferences and networking – and networking at conferences. I’d love to hear what you find useful or other suggested reads; I know you know how to have an online discussion, so let’s do that! Comment below!

1. For those not sure about the value of professional organizations and/or going to conferences:

2. Want to get your feet wet from the safety of home? Library 2.017 is happening on Wednesday, March 29 from 12-3pm Pacific. It’s hosted by the iSchool, it’s all online, and it’s F-R-E-E. The theme is “Expertise, Competencies and Careers.” There are keynote speakers and short presentations. Last year I wrote about Four Ways to Boost Your Career at Library 2.0, and those four ways are still true and applicable to other conferences. Am I good, or what?

3. Great! I’ve convinced you there’s value in attending. Now, the important things: what to pack and what to wear (eep!):

4. There are several posts and lists especially for first-time attendees. Here are a few:

5. Once you’re there:

6. Networking, because that’s a large part of why you’re going:

7. Can’t go after all? Kim Dority wrote a great piece about getting conference benefits without going and without spending a dime.

Phew. That’s enough from me. What are your best tips? Favorite articles you think everyone should be reading?

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