Digital Asset Management – Job Growth & Career Opportunities

Career Blog Jill-Klees

Although some people think job prospects for information professionals are shrinking, John Horodyski, a lecturer at the School of Library and Information Science at San José State University (SJSU), disagrees. And Horodyski says one of his students at the SJSU information school, Ian Matzen, is an excellent example of a new information professional who is carving out a career path that takes advantage of expanding opportunities for information professionals.

Both Matzen and Horodyski work in digital asset management (DAM), a growing field within the information profession.

According to Horodyski and Matzen, vast amounts of digital assets are created daily. Retailers and corporations must manage digital photos and videos to be used on their websites. Millions of digital files are uploaded to the Internet only to disappear without being cataloged, categorized, and archived. Horodyski interviewed Matzen recently to talk about his experiences in the DAM field, and to help others learn more about DAM careers. Here’s a link to the entire interview and story:


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