Diversity Statements

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Q: I just graduated and have begun the process of applying to Academic Librarian positions. I understand that I will be frequently asked to provide a statement of diversity. I haven’t heard of this before, and was hoping you could provide me with some direction, and description of this process?

A: In doing some research on the topic, I found that each academic library has its own personal diversity statement. Be sure to look up each library that you are interviewing with so you can demonstrate that you have done your homework, you understand their diversity statement and you can talk about it.

Do your own internet search on ‘what is a personal statement of diversity’ or ‘how to write a personal diversity statement’ and find helpful posts like this one http://theadvancededit.com/admissions/should-i-write-a-diversity-statement/ and many others.

You will need to give yourself some time to really think about your life experiences in order to write your own statement. I also recommend putting thought into these potential interview questions as chances are good you will be asked something similar to:

  • What is your experience working with diverse populations?
  • How might you outreach or create resources targeted toward diverse students?
  • How have you promoted diversity in a library setting?

I’d love to hear tips and comments from others about writing personal diversity statements. Please share your thoughts.


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