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Published: September 21, 2018 by Evelyn Hudson

If you’re like one of billions of people around the world, you have a Facebook account. You probably use it to catch up with friends and see what’s happening in your community. But did you know that Facebook can also be used to find jobs? Well, it can! Here are a few tips to make job hunting on Facebook a fun and fruitful experience.

Tell Your Friends
If you haven’t already, tell your Facebook friends that you are looking for a job. Be specific in what you are looking for and ask your friends to share the post. The more shares you get, the more people will see your post. That means a better chance of your post getting in front of someone who can help you. You never know who is in your network! Your friends might also post jobs that open up where they work, so check your Facebook frequently for new posts about job openings.

Follow Organizations
These days, most organizations have Facebook pages where they update about events and promote themselves. They will also post about job openings on their pages. If you follow them, the job announcement will pop up in your newsfeed so you can apply right away. It is easy to take a few minutes and find the pages for the places you want to work and follow them. This is also a great way to stay up to date on what is happening at these places so you will be informed during an interview.

Use the Jobs Page
Facebook actually has a Jobs section where you can search for full- or part-time jobs, internships and more. You’ll find it under the Explore area in the sidebar. Here, you can limit your results by industry and location. You can also subscribe to the jobs feed so you’ll be notified when new jobs are posted. This is a great way to keep on top of jobs with minimal effort. There are all kinds of jobs posted here, so definitely take a moment to check out the Jobs page.

Prepare Your Profile
Remember that a potential employer might click on your profile. If there is anything there you wouldn’t want that person to see, make sure to switch your profile to private. Also, check that your public photos are professional in appearance. Facebook has several photos that are public by default, which you can choose, but ensure these would not make anyone feel that they wouldn’t want to interview you.

Have you ever searched for jobs on Facebook? Share your experience in the comments!

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