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Published: February 7, 2022 by Jillian Collins

LinkedIn is the career platform to attract, interact and connect with potential employers and peers. Your profile is like a résumé, personal statement, and community endorsements. With all the highlights of professional space in your profile, what can you share – as a person – to answer the question: “What’s an interesting fact about you?” A fun fact can cultivate a professional relationship beyond your résumé.

“How does this link me to my career?”

The first thing an employer will do after they have your résumé is to look for your online presence. Your résumé opens the door. Adding an interest beyond your résumé is a good idea because it opens the door for them to see you. It opens a conversation, or a spark that they can associate with you. You want to use your brand to be credible. Use a fun fact about you to be incredible. Just a few sentences under your “About” section, and that’s it!

What can make (or break) a fun fact

A fun fact should be summed up in a sentence or two, at the very end of your “About” section. It can be a hobby, a neat skill, or participation in a pastime. The core concept is easier said than done. Consider it an introduction to who you are without being the entire point of your profile. Some things you should keep in mind:

  • Authenticity is priority. Everyone wants to impress, which means embellishing the truth or going with the flow. But you are you, and that’s true. People value a conversation of your knowledge.
  • Don’t compete for the superlative of most interesting. We define the idea of ourselves, far too often, on how we think others will find us most interesting. It’s equally interesting to meet someone who has climbed Mount Everest, as much as someone who likes popular movies. You don’t have to be the best – be your best self!
  • Your interests are facts. A fun fact has emphasis on the first word: fun. And it’s something fun for you, to you, and about you. It’s small or large; condensed into a sentence or two or a bullet point hidden in your profile. People appreciate a person who has interests and experiences when they work with them!
  • Know what NOT to mention. Some things are better left, well, un-linked back to you. Employers have legal obligations, from not demanding to know sensitive information about you, to protecting their brand and business. Avoid the topics most likely to lead to disagreements – religion, money and politics.

 Interesting people make for powerful professionals

It can be hard to think of the correct answer to the statement: “Name an interesting fact about yourself” or any variation of that theme. It can be even harder to have a one sided fun fact added in your LinkedIn profile.

Displaying something beyond the standard information in professional interests on LinkedIn puts a personality to a profile. You control the content of your profile. Add a little detail that shines a light on your interests!

Quick Jot from Jillian

You know what I really like? Trivia. I was even on a trivia team in high school! I have more to me than high school trivia – it’s helped me in my life because I was able to use quick recall, use the useless facts part of my mind to be useful, and had fun.

I use my trivia brain way of absorbing knowledge. It makes me a more “Did you know?” type, but not a “I know it all” type. Bottom line: my fun fact is an icebreaker, not a deal breaker.

Now, you don’t have to answer a fun fact in the form of a question – but I do encourage you to share it! 

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