How to Email a Resume

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Q: What is the proper way to submit a resume via email? It seems like there are many ways to mess this up.

Thank you, MM

A: Hi MM and thank you for your question.

If I understand your question correctly, I am assuming you are asking if you should send your resume as an attachment or cut and paste it into an email.

The proper way to submit a resume via email is to save your resume as a Word doc and attach it to the body of the resume. Sending it as a Word doc ensures that the resume still looks good when the recruiter opens it and they can save it or send it to their Resume Tracking database.

You can also use the body of the email as a place to write a mini-cover letter. In the subject line of the email, write something like – Klees, Jill – Information Analyst Position. This way it is easier for the recruiter to track your email for that particular position.

I hope that helps.

Please post your comments or share your experience with submitting a resume via email.


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