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Published: September 16, 2016 by Kate M. Spaulding

SJSU’s student chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLASC) is free to join and a great way to network!

Today I’d like to introduce you to SJSU’s student chapter of the Special Libraries Association (SLASC). If you’re interested in any kind of non-traditional information career, your fellow students want to connect! From this interview, I learned that I can go join this organization right away, even though I’m not a member of SLA (yet!). 

What’s your name, and what role do you play in the organization? 
My name is Dana V. Lema. I am the President of the Special Libraries Association Student Chapter (SLASC). I was just elected to the position last Spring.

Can you tell us a little bit about the organization? 
The Special Libraries Association is a professional organization that supports information professionals working in non-traditional environments, including medical libraries, law libraries, and museum and visual resource libraries. Our group is for students who are already employed or are interested in employment in these libraries and information centers. All SJSU iSchool students are eligible for a free membership in the Student Chapter regardless of SLA membership status.

What do you like best about being a part of this organization? (or, what’s your best argument for persuading students to join?) 
What I like best about the organization is the opportunities for networking which are vital to LIS careers and ongoing education. Members have opportunities to network with fellow students, our group Adviser, Dr. Cheryl Dee, guest presenters who are current professionals in the field and others. Our student group, and especially the Executive Committee, are a close knit group and provides a great way to connect with other students.

How can students get involved? 
As mentioned above, students are encouraged to join the Special Libraries Association, but that is not a requirement for joining the student chapter. To join, you can go to and fill out the membership form on the left-hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to to ask questions about SLASC membership.

Are there any upcoming events you’d like to tell us about? We will be hosting some online guest presentations in the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. For information about upcoming events, go to our Events Page at Please check back to the site for updates on upcoming events as we will post more as they are confirmed.

Tell us where to find your organization on the interwebs!

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