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Published: March 23, 2018 by Evelyn Hudson

Let’s face it: finding a job can be a job in itself! With all of the job board websites out there, it can be difficult to find what is actually relevant to you.

Handshake, a new platform offered to SJSU students, helps to eliminate some of the job hunting stress. Employers who are specifically looking for SJSU graduates post jobs on Handshake in many fields. Plus, since Handshake is linked to your SJSU account, you don’t have to memorize another password.

So, how can you best utilize Handshake to stand out to employers? Here are some tips and tricks for maximizing your time on Handshake.

1. Fill out your profile completely. Adding your education, extracurriculars, work experience and courses will give employers a full picture of your knowledge and skills. Make yourself shine right away by showcasing what makes you the ideal job candidate. You can add information here that won’t fit on a resume, so don’t be afraid to include detail. Tip: Be sure to make your profile public—otherwise, employers can’t find you!

2. Pay attention to the For You page. This page functions as your home base. You’ll find event information, the most popular jobs at SJSU, active employers and more. Don’t ignore this page and go right to search—there is a lot of useful information here! Tip: You can also view the featured student profiles linked on this page to get ideas on how to improve your own profile!

3. Download the mobile app. If you’re always on your phone, download the mobile app to search for jobs wherever you are. You can submit your number on the For You page to have the link sent to your phone. Tip: Unfortunately, the app is only available to Apple users at this time.

4. Create saved searches. Instead of searching for the same criteria over and over, save your search to get the results you want more quickly. By saving a search, you will also be notified when new jobs appear that meet your search criteria. Tip: You can adjust the frequency of notifications from weekly to daily to meet your preferences.

5. Upload transcripts, cover letters, resumes and other documents to your profile. When you apply for a job, all you need to do is choose which documents to attach and you’re all set. Taking care of this ahead of time will make applying for a job quick and stress-free. Tip: Check out advice for resumes, cover letters and CVs here.

6. Vary your keywords when searching. As library and information scientists, we know the importance of keyword searching. Treat Handshake like you would any database by trying a variety of keywords when hunting for your dream job. Tip: Remember to save your searches when you find a good keyword.

7. Search by employer. If you know where you want to work, you can search for jobs listed by that employer. Or, if you know the company size or industry, you can further limit your search. Tip: You can find the employer search in the blue bar at the top of the website.

8. Check back regularly. New jobs are posted all of the time—don’t be the last to know! Check Handshake frequently to be sure you see all of the new opportunities. Tip: Saving your searches will ensure you are notified of new postings every day, so you won’t have to check in as frequently.

9. Yes, there are internships, too! If you need an internship or a part-time job, Handshake can help you! Simply limit your search and quickly see what is available. Tip: Even if you aren’t about to graduate, fill out your profile now to get an internship. When you’re ready for a job, you will already have a profile ready to go!

10. Play favorites. If you find a potential job but aren’t ready to apply just yet, mark it as a favorite. It will appear on the For You page so you can easily return to it later. Tip: You will also see any favorite jobs with application dates about to close on this page.

Do you have any Handshake tips not listed here? Have you found a job on Handshake? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Don’t forget to explore job openings outside of the public and/or academic libraries in Handshake. Consider searching on topics such as taxonomy, research, data management, digital asset management, and similar terms that may reflect your particular LIS skills or area of emphasis.


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