Top 5 Email No-No’s

Career Blog Jill-Klees

When doing a job search, I know you spend hours researching job opportunities and perfecting your tailored resume and cover letter. To keep your job search on the right path, avoid these common email mistakes.

Here are 5 things to AVOID when emailing a potential employer.

1. Having an unprofessional email address. Ensure your email address is appropriate and easy to spell. Using your name is a safe option.

2. Using “cute” fonts. Don’t use fancy fonts or include borders, flowers, quotes or messages that can back fire and send the wrong impression. Keep your font style and email page clean and professional.

3. Sending one email to multiple employers. This is mass mailing and no employer wants to be a part of that. Employers want to know that you have specifically targeted your communications to them.

4. Sending emails from your work account. Don’t use your work time to conduct your job search. This reflects negatively upon you and your work ethic.

5. Using texting language, abbreviations, emoticons and other non-grammatically correct language in your email message. Ensure that your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are correct. Your email message is a sample of your writing and your communication skills.


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