Use the Job Description as Your Guide

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Published: September 11, 2020 by iSchool Career Advisor

Use the job description as more than just a job posting; use it as your guide. Your guide to tailoring your resume, your cover letter, even the answers you will prepare for the interview. On the job description, the employer is telling you exactly what they are looking for in a qualified candidate. They have outlined specifically the required skills, the desired skills, and the qualifications needed to be a successful candidate. Use this information. When writing your resume, read the job description carefully, identify the key words, industry verbiage, skills, and qualifications the employer is seeking. Than go back to your resume and compare the information. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I demonstrated how I obtained and used the required skills?
  • Have I demonstrated that I possess many of the desired skills?
  • Does my resume reflect the same language or industry verbiage used in the job description?
  • When the employer quickly looks over my resume for the first time, do my qualifications and capabilities jump out at them?

These are key questions to ask yourself when tailoring your resume for specific job openings. Gone are the days of having one general resume. The marketplace is competitive so do everything you can to stand out to potential employers. Showing on your resume that you are a perfect candidate for the job is a great start. For more tips, check out the Resumes, CVs and Cover Letters section of the Career Development website.

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