Is Your Resume “Robot” Ready?

Career Blog Jill-Klees

When you submit your resume online, many employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to screen for the most qualified candidates. The ATS can screen your resume for key words, years of experience, education, job titles, and more. The employer determines which fields the ATS screens for. Follow these resume guidelines to ensure your resume passes the robot test.

1. Use key words – fill your resume with key words and industry verbiage fo und on the job description to show that you are a match for the job. Key words are nouns, adjectives, and phrases.

2. Weave key words throughout – today’s ATS technology can identify how many times a key word is used in context and how relevant it is to the job.

3. Keep it simple – stick with a well-organized resume format using basic heading titles such as Education, Experience, Projects, Skills, etc. to ensure the ATS reads your information correctly.

4. Use spell-check – ATS screen for misspelled words and will automatically eliminate your resume.

5. Save as a PDF – upload as a PDF verses cut and paste for a more visually appealing finished product. Once your resume gets past the ATS, human eyes will be reviewing it too.

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