Library 2015 Spring Summit The Emerging Future: Technology and Learning


Published: May 4, 2015 by Sue Alman

As part of the Library 2.015 Conference the SJSU iSchool sponsored the first annual Spring Summit, the Emerging Future: Technology and Learning, on April 30. During the half-day event three expert panels along with more than 400 participants explored the rapid advances in technology and learning models.

At the iSchool at San Jose State University we prepare our students for the future in many ways. This Spring Summit was an outgrowth of the course and MOOC that were developed on the Emerging Future: Technology Issues and Trends. The course has been offered to our students and it was offered as a MOOC to more than 1700 people around the world in the fall of 2014.

The technology landscape is complicated, it is constantly changing, it can be expensive, AND it is exciting!!!

  • Technology advances are fast-paced AND
  • Next big thing is always “here”
  • Librarians and educators need to know how to stay on top of it and understand the issues

The expert panelists explored the possibilities of integrating new technologies to improve learning—for everyone. A brief description of the three sessions is listed below along with a link to each recording.

Session 1: Chasing Storms or Rainbows

A session focused on many issues affecting technology and learning by a panel of strategic forecasters and technology leaders.


Session 2: In the Know

A special session with three topics in succession including a drill down on the key impact areas of new technologies, how to stay up to date with new technologies, and how to plan and fund new technologies.

  • Samantha Adams Becker, New Media Consortium, Senior Director of Communications
  • Tina Jagerson, J.D., Information Management – Department of Justice, SJSU iSchool MLIS student
  • Mary Alice Ball, Institute for Museum and Library Services, Senior Program Officer,


Session 3: The Here and Now

A session focused on planning and using social media and other technologies in library and learning environments.

  • Jennifer Jumba, Cuyahoga County Public Library, SJSU iSchool Instructor
  • Sara Gillespie Swanson, Davidson College, Assistant Director for Information Literacy
  • Joyce Valenza, Rutgers University, School of Communication and Information


The Call for Proposals for the fifth annual Library 2.015 Worldwide Virtual Conference on October 20th is now open. Please visit for more information.

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