Alumna Marina Torres Aiello Enhanced Library Web Presence During Virtual Internship

Community Profile

Using the knowledge she obtained in INFO 203-Online Social Networking and INFO 240-Information Technology Tools and Applications, Aiello was able to successfully inform Yuba’s students about a major transitional period in the library. While the library was being housed in the cafeteria during a renovation, students could access news about changes and progress via Aiello’s blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates. She also established a Flickr account for the library.

Aiello worked to create a variety of tutorials for inclusion on the library website and MyCampus portal during her virtual internship. Utilizing creative online presentation software, Aiello’s tutorials on Yuba College Library and Evaluating Online Resources provide students with an entertaining and informative way to gain knowledge about the library’s offerings.

Of all the different projects Aiello worked on during her virtual internship, she is most proud of the improvements she was able to make on the library’s website and MyCampus portal. Her adjustments created a more informative online environment geared toward the needs of Yuba Community College students. Aiello said, “Librarianship is centered on providing the most pertinent resources and services to library patrons, and I believe that my summer internship gave me the chance to center my mind and work on that same goal.”

Aiello feels that learning to work virtually was one of the greatest skills she gained during her internship experience. “The virtual setting is really applicable in today’s job environment,” she said. “A lot of jobs will require virtual meetings and team work with people who are not at your physical location.” These skills have come in handy during web-based meetings in Aiello’s current position as Manager of Library Services for the Kaiser Permanente Fresno Medical Center.

Aiello enrolled in the San José State University School of Information program in 2009 and graduated in December 2011 with a focus on Academic Librarianship. Although she was working as the Health Services Branch Manager at the University of the Pacific Library at the time, Aiello was interested in obtaining additional experience with different library related tasks. Her full-time job limited her ability to complete an on-site internship so Aiello opted for a virtual opportunity.

“Having a virtual internship can be useful for professional opportunities. You may be able to build a longer relationship with your advisor,” advised Aiello. She and her virtual internship supervisor will be presenting on virtual internships at the 2012 California Academic and Research Libraries Conference. Their session is entitled “The Remote Library Internship-A Mutually Beneficial Enterprise” and will be available in recorded format after the conference.