Dr. Daulby Prepares Students for a Future in Information Governance

Community Profile

“We can’t just think in terms of traditional records and information management anymore. Information Governance is where this field is going.”

Lisa Daulby PhD, IGP, CRM 
Lecturer, San José State University iSchool

As iSchool Lecturer Dr. Lisa Daulby sees it, “Information Governance (IG) is an emerging and evolving concept in the records and information field right now.” She is passionate about guiding her students through their academic journey in records and information management in her MARA 284 Information Governance course.

As Daulby relates, “Information Governance is strategic cross-disciplinary framework for the proper handling of all information resources – including records. IG includes components of data IT governance, risk management, information security/privacy, change management and legal/regulatory compliance.” Daulby says this course is challenging but worth the effort since “Information Governance is where our field is going.” She loves to see the growth in her students throughout the semester as they transition from “not fully grasping the concept of IG ” to possessing a “solid strategic foundation in Information Governance” with knowledge that can be practically implemented at any organization. 

Focus on Data Privacy Protections

One important aspect of Information Governance and a current research interest of Daulby’s is the topic of data privacy protection. Earlier this month, Daulby introduced the iSchool community to the European Union’s recently-implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the right to be “forgotten” in this webcast.

Considered the new standard in privacy protection regulation, Daulby believes that the GDPR is the “first to go” as far as setting a standard for future privacy regulations. She predicts that the creation of more privacy standards is coming, and cites the State of California’s Consumer Privacy Act as a further indication of the regulation to come. She welcomes this trend in privacy protection because “it is surprising how much we are giving away when we provide consent to releasing our data” and thinks the industry should make it easier for consumers to access the consent agreements that, in their current form, are “just painful to read.” She advises “we all have to be mindful of how our data is being used and repurposed” and would like to see companies create user-friendly consumer privacy statement agreements.

Teaching is the Priority

Despite being busy with this current research and work, Daulby is fulfilling her career goal by teaching. Daulby teaches several other courses at the iSchool including INFO 284 – Electronic Records, MARA 200 – The Records and Information Management Professions, MARA - 211 Access, Storage and Retrieval of Records and Information, MARA 249 – Management of Digital Data, Information and Records, MARA 284 – Health Information Management, MARA 284 -Information Assurance and acts as an internship advisor for MARA 294 students.

“I can’t say enough about how important internships are, especially if you are new to the field of archives and records/information management,” Daulby says. She urges all students–experienced and novice alike–to explore internship positions in the information field because these positions can provide iSchool students with the opportunity to develop their resumes as well as give them the chance to apply the theory and practices they are learning in their courses.  

Encourages Giving Back

Daulby further encourages all those in the archives and records/information management field to “lend their specialized knowledge to support their diverse communities, especially underserved, and marginalized populations, by committing volunteer time to developing community archive collections.” 

Daulby acknowledges the singularity of the iSchool by observing: “The MARA program is one of the only programs in the nation that teaches both aspects of this field–archives AND records and information management.” Daulby is clearly proud of being part of this academic community, as is evidenced by her remarks in an interview celebrating her 10th year at the iSchool. “It is an honor to share my passions and contribute to their learning,” Daulby says of her iSchool students.