Coursera Career Academy – Registration


iSchool users should review this page prior to clicking on the Coursera Career Academy registration link that they received via email.

Section #1 below includes critical registration guidelines. Please review these guidelines prior to advancing to Section #2, which contains an overview of the registration process.    

Section #1:   Registration Guidelines

Guideline #1:  Do Not Use the Google Account Option. When registering for Coursera Career Academy, you may encounter various prompts that ask you to sign up using your Google account. We are asking all iSchool users to refrain from using this option. Instead, click on the “X” to close out of the Google Sign-up prompt:












Guideline #2: Please use the standard Coursera Sign-up form. This allows you to create a Coursera account that is not linked to any other account. This sign-up form will allow you to specify your name, email address, and a password for your Coursera account. Please note that current students, faculty and staff must use their email address when registering.

















Guideline #3: Do Not Use Any of the Account Linking Options. In certain cases, you may receive the following prompt, which has additional options for linking your Coursera account to another account. Please do not use any of these linking options. Instead, use the standard Coursera Sign-up form, which prompts you to specify a name, email, and password for your Coursera account.  






















Section #2:  Registration Overview

Current iSchool students, faculty and staff will receive a registration link via iSchoolAlert. About 80% of users will receive the registration link at their email address. However, for those that elected to use a non-SJSU email address for iSchoolAlert, you will receive the registration link at that non-SJSU email address.    Please note that when you actually register for Coursera Career Academy, you must use your SJSU email address. You cannot use a non-SJSU email address to register for Coursera Career Academy.

Registration Steps:

1.  Click on the Coursera registration link that you received via email.

2.   You should be taken to the following Coursera sign-up screen, which prompts you to enter your Full Name, SJSU Email Address, and Password. This will create a stand-alone Coursera account that is not linked to any other account. If you are prompted to sign-up using Google, please refrain from doing so. As documented in the guidelines above, you need to use the standard Coursera sign-up form.   


















3.   After creating your Coursera account, you will receive the following prompt asking you to verify your email address. Check your SJSU email account for the verification email, and click on the link contained in that email. Then, come back to the prompt and click on ‘Yes, I’m Verified!‘.  















4.  Alternatively, after you click on the verification link in the email you received, you should be taken to the following screen, and you can click on the Coursera link to return to Coursera:









 5.  You will now be taken to the landing page for your Learning Program. Scroll down the screen until you see the career exploration area. Browse through the available courses and decide what courses you wish to enroll in.



IMPORTANT NOTE: If for some reason you are not added to the iSchool Coursera Career Academy after creating your Coursera account, please try the following:

  1. Log into your new Coursera account.
  2. Go back to the email that you received from us with the sign-up link.
  3. Click on the sign-up link again.

Although rare, we’re told that students are occasionally needing to do this in order to get joined to the iSchool Coursera Career Academy program.